Video postproduction

This is a whole range of work in the processing of video material. Includes:

  • Video editing;
  • Creating titles and special effects ;
  • Video color correction;
  • Audio mixing for the video.

The creation of a video clip is not limited to the organization and conduct of shooting. One of the most important stages of its production is video postproduction, which includes an extensive range of basic and auxiliary processes aimed at obtaining a full-fledged multimedia product.

Such work requires the utmost attention. It is for this reason that it should be trusted only by a professional team. But who to choose and how not to make a mistake at the same time? In the Force Media studio, you will find modern equipment, experienced staff and an integrated approach to work, which allows you to get exactly the result you need in any situation.

Postproduction is usually understood as a complex and multifaceted process that includes such events:

  • Video editing. It involves sorting frames, combining them into a single whole and getting rid of unnecessary scenes. After additional processing, the narration on the screen takes a logical and complete form;
  • Subtitle. Text material on the screen is useful when watching foreign videos and is able to give viewers additional information;
  • Adding effects. Animation and special effects make the video more colorful, spectacular and memorable;
  • Color correction. With the help of color correction of the image, its perception improves, colors become more natural, contribute to the creation of the necessary mood and emotional background;
  • Voice acting. It includes not only adding music and effects to it, but also voicing individual scenes by professional actors (if necessary).

The estimate for post-production is formed individually at each request.

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