Subtitles are the text accompaniment of a video file placed at the bottom of the screen and synchronously complementing the picture. Subtitles can be not only the words of the characters, but also all kinds of comments, inscriptions. And their professional training makes the video more qualitative and convenient for perception.

The most common subtitle formats that we use in our work are SRT, ASS, EBU STL.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the process of creating subtitles has its own nuances. That is why you can only trust subtitling to a qualified team who knows their business and is confident in their own abilities. Entrust this work to Force Media. Our specialists work for 100% result and perform their tasks as efficiently as possible.

Additional information on the screen in the form of subtitles is relevant in different situations.

Among their main advantages , the following should be noted:

  • A more comfortable perception of the displayed materials and their better processing;
  • When watching texts and movies with translation, it is easier to learn foreign languages;
  • Evaluation of vocals in films with the possibility of listening to the original voice;
  • The study of the manner of speech and accent, which is especially important if you need to fully immerse yourself in a different language environment;
  • Comfortable watching movies by people with hearing problems;
  • Additional advertising, which, depending on the style and manner of presentation, can be quite effective.
  • Displaying inscriptions on the screen that carry an important semantic load, but are not adapted for voicing

Stages of subtitles creation

Making an order for subtitling does not cause any difficulties.

Cooperation includes only a few stages performed alternately, namely:

  • Application submission and preliminary study of the material;
  • Discussion of the nuances of work, approval of estimates and conclusion of an agreement;
  • Decoding the video sequence, translating the text and sending it to the client for approval;
  • Making edits, creating subtitles in accordance with current standards;
  • Transfer to the customer a separate file with subtitles or embedding them in the video sequence.

It is simple to work with us

Force Media has the following advantages for partners:

  • An integrated approach to work and the implementation of the task;
  • Personal format of interaction with each customer;
  • A team of competent specialists and professional technical equipment;
  • Affordable prices and individual calculation of the cost of each service;
  • Work of any complexity is carried out in a short time and without delay;
  • Cooperation on a contractual basis excludes misunderstandings with a partner;

Do you want to order subtitles for a movie in English, Russian or any other language of your choice? Then you can't do without the help of professionals. Contact us. The Force Media team is at your service.

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