Audio postproduction

Audio postproduction takes up most of the time when creating a finished product and is the final voicing of materials. It includes:

  • Selection and recording of actors;
  • Adding noises and effects;
  • Sound design;
  • Mixing and final editing.

Audio postproduction is used when creating sound for movies, television, video games, live broadcasts, web animation, dubbing audiobooks, as well as when creating podcasts. We are happy to provide our experience and implement the ideas of our partners.

Creating any movie or video is a rather complex and multi-step process. One of the most important stages is considered to be the preparation of the soundtrack. It includes not only voicing what is happening on the screen, but also thematic music content in combination with sound and other effects.

High-quality audio post-production is possible only for a professional team that knows its business and has the necessary technical support for this. You can always entrust the implementation of the most complex and voluminous project to Force Media Studio. Customers expect an integrated approach to work, prompt service.

Audio postproduction is indispensable when preparing sound for film and television, conducting live broadcasts, creating podcasts, dubbing audiobooks, creating video games and web animation. 

The work on content preparation includes an extensive range of main and auxiliary activities, including:

  • Voice selection for voicing;
  • Preparing a high-quality recording;
  • Selection of exclusive or licensed music content;
  • Adding noises and sound effects;
  • Sound design, editing and final sound mixing.

The implementation of any project within the framework of sound postproduction begins with the acceptance of an application and coordination of its main nuances. Then the client gets acquainted with the preliminary estimate and signs a cooperation agreement.

Each of the performed stages is coordinated with the customer. As a result, he receives a ready-made media product that fully meets his needs, wishes and planned budget.

The cost of processing and mixing audio content depends on a number of factors. In its practice, the company has abandoned a fixed pricing policy and individually calculates the cost of work with each request. This makes prices affordable and eliminates unnecessary costs for the client's budget.

When forming an estimate, the complexity of the implementation of a specific project, the urgency of its implementation and the total volume of services provided are taken into account. You can order them at a convenient time, and a personal approach to work guarantees a quality product.

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